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How do I switch an A-series Mutual Fund to a D-series Mutual Fund at TD Direct Investing?

D series Mutual Funds are designed for self-directed investors and are available only through an online discount brokerage. They typically charge lower Management Expense Ratio fees (MERs) than A series, even though they share other aspects of fund metrics (what the fund invests in, fund performance, risks) is the same across different series of the same Fund.

Learn how to review your Mutual Funds to see if there is a lower cost equivalent, and how to make the switch:

Review your Mutual Funds to see if there are equivalent lower cost versions:

  1. Log into WebBroker
  2. Click Mutual Funds under the Research tab
  3. Search by mutual fund symbol or name in the Search bar

If you have a Mutual Fund with an equivalent D-series, you can switch without incurring a trading fee. Here's how:

  1. Select Mutual Funds under the Trading tab in WebBroker
  2. On the Buy/Sell screen, select the Switch tab
  3. Enter the symbol or name of the fund you hold in the From box
  4. Enter the symbol or name for the D-series version of that fund in the To box

For more information go to: td.com/diymutualfunds

Warning: Using the Sell or Buy tabs to switch Mutual Fund series may incur unexpected costs and/or tax consequences.

It is your responsibility to review and understand potential tax implications or fees charged by a Mutual Fund company before switching series. Some Mutual Fund companies will charge a fee if a client sells the Fund series before the deferred sales charge (DSC) period expires. Switching series can trigger the DSC fee. If a Fund series has a DSC, the Load Type under Fees & Expenses in WebBroker will display as Deferred Load. If you hold a Mutual Fund series with a DSC, but don't know if the DSC has expired, our representatives are ready to help you. Contact us for details.

Watch our video to learn more about reviewing mutual fund holdings:

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