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How do I see my dividend or interest payment projections (Projected Income)?

Use the Projected Income tool in WebBroker or the TD app to see to see the estimated income in your TD Direct Investing account based on your holdings' latest distributions.

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How to access Projected Income

WebBroker: Select the Accounts dropdown menu and find Projected Income under the Account Details section. To view your historical dividend or interest payments, go to Gain & Loss within Account Details.

TD app: Select the Projected Income quick link for a selected account or go to Portfolio in the flyout menu and find Projected Income.

Frequently asked questions

How does Projected Income work?

Projected Income displays the source and timing of investment income in your portfolio and is based on historical information only. Income from investments can change, but this estimated projection assumes that for the next year, the income-paying investments in your portfolio continue to pay income in the same amount and at the same frequency as they have most recently.

What are the features?

Projected Income lets you

  • Select an individual account or a group of accounts to see their projected income.
  • Set your monthly target to compare it to your monthly average projected income.
  • Toggle between CAD or USD dollars to view your portfolio's projected income in either currency using the exchange rate from the previous day.

Why don’t I see all my investments in the Projected Income table?

The Projected Income table only shows investments that you currently hold and that pay dividends or interest.

When does an announced dividend increase or decrease take effect?

Any announced dividend change is reflected on the Projected Income page after the ex-dividend date.

Why does my monthly average fluctuate?

The monthly average is calculated based on the projected 12-month average starting from the current month. Any transactions in your holdings and the income they pay will affect the projected income totals and monthly average. Also, projected income reduces as investment income is paid out during the current month. Therefore, the monthly average may decrease as the month-end approaches.

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