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How can I get the most out of the investing features in the TD app?

The TD app helps you learn, trade, and manage your investments conveniently and effortlessly. Take advantage of these top 5 investing features to get the most of your TD Direct Investing experience.

1.  Learn to invest
Access the Learning Centre to build your investing knowledge from basic to advanced techniques. Filter and watch short videos on the go, even as you trade or perform transactions in the TD app.

To start exploring content, select Learn to Invest from the flyout menu. 


2.  Find investments and track market news 
Research investment options using the Quotes page. See real-time news and quotes including company profiles, fundamentals such as dividends, analyst consensus, and charts on a single page. You can customize the dynamic charting by time period, frequency, and chart type

To find investment options, select the Quotes icon in the top navigation.

Set up alerts for real-time information about investments you own or follow.  
Tap on the Alerts icon in the top navigation to get started, or set an alert from the quote page of an individual security by tapping the bell icon. 

3.  Move cash real-time
Transfer cash between any of your TD accounts. Your money is available real-time to start trading immediately. Easily transfer securities between investing accounts of the same type, and contribute securities from non-registered to registered accounts. 

To transfer cash or securities, select the Transfers icon in the top navigation.

4. Trade on the go
Conveniently trade TD Direct Investing's line-up of Canadian and U.S. listed stocks and ETFs, options and mutual funds. Get your active order status in one consolidated view, filter by symbol, and see all previous orders that were actioned, filled, cancelled or expired for each account or aggregated under historical orders.

To place a trade, select Invest from the flyout menu, or select the Trade icon in the top navigation 

5. Monitor Performance
Monitor your portfolio performance over a period of time across investing accounts, with graphs and benchmark comparisons.  Find out which holdings are having the biggest impact on your portfolio under Top Movers.  

Track dividend and earnings notices, and any reported ratings changes to your holdings from the Events icon in the top navigation.

Use the Projected Income tool to estimate future dividend and interest income by month for each of your holdings. To check out your performance, top movers, events and projected income, select Portfolio from the flyout menu.

The image below illustrates a Projected Income example graph.

For illustrative purposes only

The TD app is available in English, French, and Traditional or Simplified Chinese.
iOS version 9 or higher, or Android 4.4 or higher required.

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