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How do I find out about and participate in upcoming new issues in Canada?

The majority of upcoming new issues or IPOs offered in the marketplace are not pre-marketed, as it would affect the underlying stock quote. In these cases, the fastest way to know when marketing has commenced on a new issue or IPO is to sign up to receive a new issue email notification from WebBroker.

For certain new issues — like Initial Public Offerings (IPO) — where there is no actively traded stock, companies will file preliminary prospectus documents on SEDAR for public review. However, these documents don’t provide timelines and scheduling for when the marketing will commence.

To buy a new issue or IPO, you will need to have an account with TD Direct Investing.

  1. Then, you must first meet our baseline eligibility requirements.
  2. Where available, review the prospectus of the offering.
  3. Then, enter an Expression of Interest through WebBroker to signify your willingness to participate in the new issue or IPO.
  4. Once (or if) you receive a confirmation of an allocation, please take note of the settlement date.  This is the date the new issue or IPO transaction will take place in your account. Your account is required to hold sufficient funds to cover the new issue/IPO purchase at this time

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