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What types of new issue email alerts are available?

Within "Update Profile" in the New Issues Centre you can register to receive email alerts for different types of new issues. See the list below for more information about each of the new issue categories and review the Glossary for detailed definitions of some of the terms used.

If you choose: You will receive email alerts about:

Common Shares

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs) of common shares
  • Treasury offerings of common shares that already trade on a stock exchange.
  • Secondary offerings of common shares that already trade on a stock exchange.

Preferred Shares

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs) of preferred shares. (Features: These pay dividend income.)
  • IPOs of preferred securities. (Features: These pay interest income.)

Income Trusts

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Oil & Gas Trusts
  • Offerings from other businesses set up as trusts, such as power generation, cold storage, packers, and canners. (Features: These trusts usually offer a targeted monthly or quarterly yield with capital gain potential.)

Fixed Income

  • Evidence of a debt on which the issuer promises to pay the holder a specified amount of both interest and principal in a prescribed amount of time. (Features: Pay interest income; often issued by governments and large corporations)

Structured Trusts

  • Trusts which don't fall into the "Income Trusts" category
  • Generally, they consist of a managed portfolio of stocks. (Features: capital repayment, a monthly or quarterly targeted yield plus capital gain potential.)

Limited Partnerships

  • Generally, investments in flow-through shares of oil and gas companies. (Features: Can offer significant tax advantages to investors.) These offerings don't trade on an exchange, but liquidity is offered by rolling over into a mutual fund, typically after two years.

Equity-Linked Notes

  • Notes issued by Canadian banks, such as Export Development Corporation (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). (Features: Performance is linked to an index, usually foreign markets like S&P 500, Nikkei, Euro STOXX.) Generally, these notes offer principal protection if held to maturity.

Split Shares

  • Consist of both preferred shares and capital shares, with the underlying security based on a single stock or a portfolio. (Features: Split preferred shares offer leveraged yields, compared with the underlying security.) Split capital shares offer leveraged capital appreciation, compared with the underlying security.

Convertible Debentures

  • Bonds, valued in $1000 Face Value, which are convertible into the corporate issuer's underlying common shares or trust units.

Private Placements

  • A security issued to large institutional investors and sophisticated individuals. Requirements for filing a prospectus, detailed disclosure and public notice may be waived, thereby reducing the cost of floating an issue. These investments may be illiquid because the investor is often prohibited from selling the security for a stated period of time. Minimum investment thresholds exist for individual investor participation and individual participation may be subject to further regulatory restrictions.

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