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What is VoicePrint with TD Direct Investing and how do I enroll?

VoicePrint is a biometric technology that uses your voice to identify you and secure your account. TD keeps different VoicePrint records for TD Direct Investing clients and for other TD services.


TD Direct Investing Accounts

If you would like to enroll, visit our VoicePrint  page and follow the four simple steps. After you're enrolled, voice verification is quick and easy: every time you call us, you'll be provided a few simple prompts to securely verify your identity using your voice.


Are you a TD customer?

If you would like to use TD VoicePrint to verify your identity when you transact with other TD services such as bank accounts or credit cards, you will need to enroll in a second TD VoicePrint system with one of our Credit Card or Telephone Banking Specialists.

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