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How do I make an RSP withdrawal?

RSP withdrawals cannot be made online through WebBroker. Please contact a TD Direct Investing Representative.     

Additional Information:    

You will need to have cash available for the withdrawal to be processed. This includes: fees, withholding tax and the net portion of the withdrawal, if done in cash.

TD Direct Investing is required to withhold tax on any amount.    

Cash Withholding Rates:

Gross Amount

1) $0-$5,000

2) $5,000.01-$15,000

3) $15,000.01 and greater

All Provinces Except Quebec (total federal and provincial)

1) 10%

2) 20%

3) 30%

Provincial Rate for Quebec

1) 16%

2) 16%

3) 16%

Federal Rate for Quebec

1) 5%

2) 10%

3) 15%

To complete this request, please Contact Us.

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