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How do I set up a monthly contribution plan or pre-authorized deposit with TD Direct Investing?

A Monthly Contribution Plan (MCP) or Pre-Authorized Deposit/Debit (PAD), allows you to make fixed dollar amount contributions to your TD Direct Investing account from a TD Canada Trust account or any other financial institution on a recurring basis for at least 3 months.

Deposits can be set up as an MCP for registered account types such as TFSA, RSP, RESP, or RDSP, or a PAD for non-registered accounts such as Cash or Margin. A minimum of $100 per month is required for PAD contributions.

To set up a MCP/ PAD transfer from your TD Canada Trust account to TD Direct Investing account:


  • Visit a TD Canada Trust branch or DI Investor Centre


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To set up an MCP/PAD transfer from any Other Financial Institution:

  • Visit a TD Canada Trust branch or DI Investor Centre. A void cheque is required to process the request.

Recurring frequencies:

Weekly – any weekday

Bi-weekly – every other week, any weekday

Semi-monthly – two specified dates on any day of the month

Monthly - any day of the month

Other ways to set up automatic contributions:

  • Recurring bill payments to your TD Direct Investing account in EasyWeb or from any other financial instution.

Did you know?

If you deposit a minimum of $100/month into any of your TD Direct Investing accounts, you will be exempted from the quarterly maintenance fees for all accounts in your household.

Need help? 

If you have any questions, please contact us, or visit your local TD Canada Trust branch or DI Investor Centre.

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