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Can I withdraw money/cash from my RRIF/RIF?

An unscheduled cash withdrawal can be made at any time by request.  Please call TD Direct Investing and speak with an Investment Representative today.

TD Direct Investing is not generally required to withhold tax on the mandatory minimum withdrawal amount. 

TD Direct Investing is required to withhold tax on any amount in excess of the minimum payment.    

Cash Withholidng Rates:

Gross Amount

1) $0-$5,000

2) $5,000.01-$15,000

3) $15,000.01 and greater

All Provinces Except Quebec (total federal and provincial)

1) 10%

2) 20%

3) 30%

Provincial Rate for Quebec

1) 16%

2) 16%

3) 16%

Federal Rate for Quebec

1) 5%

2) 10%

3) 15%

You can choose a withholding tax rate higher than the standard tax rate.

To complete this request, please contact us.

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