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Which types of withdrawals are permitted from a LIRA / LRSP / RLSP / LIF /PRIF / LRIF / RLIF?

LIF, PRIF, LRIF and RLIF accounts allow withdrawals to be made between the minimum and maximum payment. Any amount withdrawn in excess of the minimum is subject to withholding tax at source. Prescribed RIF (PRIF) accounts (governed by Saskatchewan and Manitoba pensions legislation) do not have a maximum limit.  

Apart from those withdrawals, most jurisdictions have some form of withdrawal provision to permit special access to funds, even from a LIRA, LRSP, RLSP, LIF, LRIF or RLIF. However, each pension jurisdiction has different requirements and prescribed forms for this purpose.

In order to request the allowable withdrawals from a LIRA / LRSP / RLSP / LIF / LRIF / RLIF/ PRIF account, Registered Plans Department requires a letter of direction (LOD) signed by the plan holder and any other required forms.

To complete the required documents, please visit your nearest TD Direct Investing location or TD Canada Trust branch. 

Alternatively, you can forward the original documents (LOD and forms) to the following address:    

Registered Plans Department    

77 Bloor Street West, 9th floor.    

P.O. Box 5999, Station F    

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2T1

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