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How do I set up an automatic Mutual Fund purchase or withdrawal?

To set up an automatic Mutual Fund purchase or withdrawal (redeem), contact an Investment Representative at 1-800-465-5463.

Purchase or withdraw Mutual Funds

Purchase: With a TD Direct Investing Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) you can purchase units in Mutual Funds and often avoid the higher minimum investment amounts frequently required by many leading fund companies.

Withdraw: The Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWiP) lets you withdraw (redeem) a prearranged amount of your Mutual Funds holdings (minimum $50). With a SWiP, you can supplement your monthly cash flow, plan required minimum RIF withdrawals, or move assets between Mutual Funds along with your SIP.

Why set up a SIP or SWiP:

  • Available in all account types, including registered.
  • Set up your SIP using cash from your TD Direct Investing account or from an account at any Canadian financial institution.
  • Invest a minimum of $100/month and you could qualify to have your maintenance fees waived.


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