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How do I transfer money between TD Direct Investing and TD accounts or from other financial institutions?

You can make transfers between

  1. TD Canada Trust and TD Direct Investing accounts
  2. TD Direct Investing accounts or
  3. From other financial institutions

Transfer between TD accounts

To transfer money or securities between TD Direct Investing accounts or to transfer money from TD Direct Investing to TD Canada Trust accounts in WebBroker:

  • Log in to WebBroker and select Accounts from the   top menu
  • Under Self Service, select Cash transfers and foreign exchange or Securities transfers and follow the steps.

Canadian and US cash transfers with the same currency denomination (i.e. CAD to CAD; USD to USD) can be made up to a maximum of $100,000 per day without a hold. There is no hold on funds if the transfers are made online. 

If you want to  set up a Monthly Contribution Plan (MCP) to a Registered Account or Pre-authorized deposit (PAD) to a margin or cash account, download the MCP or PAD form  and submit it  at a TD Canada Trust branch. Contact an Investment representative at 800 465 5463 if you need assistance.

Transfer money from other financial institutions

To transfer cash from other financial institutions you will need to set up your TD account as a bill payment option at the other financial institution.

Other financial institution accounts can also fund a Monthly Contribution Plan (MCP) or a Pre-authorized Deposit (PAD). You will need to download the MCP or PAD form and submit it at a TD Canada Trust branch.      

Transfer securities from another institution

To transfer securities from another institution, fill out the appropriate transfer form.

Submit the completed transfer forms at a TD Canada Trust branch.

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