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Where is my Trading Summary and my Gains and Losses report?

Only TD Direct Investing clients will receive a Trading Summary. If you are a TD Direct Investing client, a  copy of your Trading Summary will be available in WebBroker if you have requested electronic delivery of your tax documents.

Log in to WebBroker, click on Accounts and choose Documents (eServices). Select the Tax Documents tab, then the account number and Tax Year to view available tax documents.

To access your gains or losses report

TD Direct Investing and Financial Planning clients: The Gains and Losses report is included in your tax package (as applicable), which is posted to eServices under Tax Documents.

TD Wealth Private Investment Advice clients: The Gains and Losses report is included in your tax package, as applicable.

TD Wealth Private Investment Counsel clients: You will receive your Gains and Losses report along with your T5 tax slip.

Note: While your Gains and Losses report may help with your tax returns, it is not an official document for tax purposes. Your monthly account statements, trade confirmations and tax slips from TD Wealth should be used as official records.

The Realized Capital Gains and Losses report helps estimate your Adjusted Cost Base (ACB) to determine your capital gains and losses.

Need more details?

For TD Direct Investing: Call 1-800-465-5463.
For TD Wealth Financial Planning: Contact your Financial Planner.
For TD Wealth Private Investment Advice: Contact your Investment Advisor.
For TD Wealth Private Investment Counsel: Contact your Portfolio Manager.

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