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How will I know when I have received all of my T5/RL-3 or T3/RL-16 tax slips?

A 'Pending Trust Unit Summary' lists the trust units that you hold, but for which final tax factors have not yet been reported. This summary will accompany the first T3 package you receive and subsequent packages, if applicable.

In addition, TD Wealth Financial Planning clients will receive an Expected Tax Slips report as part of their tax documents. This report is also available for TD Wealth Private Investment Advice. Please contact your advisor for further details.

The Expected Tax Slips report is a listing of investments with a T5/RL-3, T3/RL-16, or T5013/RL-15 tax receipt(s) that you should expect to receive in the mail directly from third party mutual fund issuers or institutions or from TD Wealth for investments in Split Corporations, Income Trusts, or Limited Partnership Units. This report is for non-registered accounts, and is based on your holdings with a taxable distribution in 2019.

Want more details? If you are a TD Direct Investing client, call us at 1-800-465-5463. If you are a TD Wealth Financial Planning or TD Wealth Private Investment Advice client, contact your planner or advisor.


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