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I do not reside in Canada. Can I open an account at TD Direct Investing?

TD Direct Investing will open registered accounts for non-residents of Canada to accommodate a transfer in from an existing plan. New non-registered accounts for non-residents will be opened in accordance with the TD Wealth Non-Resident Policy. New TD Direct Investing accounts can only be opened in person.

The easiest way to determine if we can open your account is to visit TD Direct Investing location or a TD Canada Trust branch.

Due to the Non-Resident Policy, if you do not reside in Canada, you may not be able to open Direct Trading TFSA, RESP and RDSP accounts. This is further constrained by the Sanctions Policy for those originating in High Risk Jurisdictions.

New Direct Investing Registered Accounts (RSP/RIF or Pension Fund Account) can be opened for U.S. residents of states other than Louisiana, Nebraska, U.S. Virgin Islands and Virginia.1 The accounts will only be opened in order to accommodate a transfer in of an existing plan.

New RESP, TFSA, RDSP and non-registered accounts cannot be opened for U.S. Residents

If you are a U.S. resident you might be interested in opening a TD Ameritrade account. You can contact TD Ameritrade at 1-800-454-9272.

1 TD Direct Investing defines a "US Resident" as any individual living within the borders of the United States for a period of 183 days or greater. This 183 day determination is measured in either consecutive days or in aggregate within a 365 day period beginning when the account holder initially moved to the US

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