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What is Householding and what are the potential benefits?

Householding is a way of connecting your different account(s) together and with others living at the same address as you to help enhance your services and to save on fees. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can enroll for our Household program. 
By connecting accounts, you can all qualify faster for lower commissions, streaming data, and reduced fees.
Benefits of Householding:
1. Save on quarterly maintenance fees
There are five ways to waive maintenance fees. 
You can avoid maintenance fees by householding all your accounts.
Note: If the combined household balance does not meet the $15,000 minimum balance threshold, only one maintenance fee is charged for the entire household.
2. Qualify for real-time streaming quotes in Advanced Dashboard 
If your household made 30 or more commissionable trades^ in the previous quarter, everyone qualifies for free real time streaming quotes in Advanced Dashboard. This includes TSX and NASDAQ Level I and II, NYSE, and U.S. Options (OPRA).
3. Get Active Trader pricing
If your household makes 150 or more commissionable trades^ in the previous quarter, everyone qualifies for our active trader pricing.
Call TD Direct Investing at 1-800-465-5463 to learn about the Household program.
^ Trades are considered to have incurred a commission or fee are: buys and sells of equities, options, Mutual Funds with fees (excludes MERs), fixed income – bonds, treasury bills, bankers’ acceptances, bearer deposit notes, commercial paper and crown corporation money market instruments. 
Buys and sells of GICs, Term Deposits, Canada Savings Bonds, Money Market Mutual Funds and Provincial Savings Bonds are not eligible trades

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