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What are screeners? How do I set them up in WebBroker?

A screener is a tool to help find and filter stocks and securities you may be interested in, based on certain variables, indicators and ratios. For example: A screener for Large Cap utility stocks, instantly shows you a list of stocks based on the criteria you select - such as stock price, market capitalization, dividend yield, Debt to Equity Ratio and more.

With thousands of investing options available, screeners can be a quick and convenient way to uncover and narrow down choices, and add them to your watchlist or invest in.

Ryan Massad, our client education instructor, shows how you can find pre-defined Featured Screens or build your own custom screens for different securities in WebBroker.  

  1. Log in to WebBroker and click on the Reseach tab. Select Screeners under Tools
  2. Select a screener from Featured Screens or select Build your own strategy
  3. Select the Criteria to begin screening and see the results under Result Summary

The images below show examples of screeners in WebBroker.

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