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What does TD Direct Investing do to protect me against online fraud and what steps should I take?

TD Direct Investing has safeguards to help protect you against fraud and keep your information safe. Here are some of the steps we take, and what you can do to help stay safe online. 

Some steps we take

  • Two-Step Verification online 

To help keep your accounts safe from unauthorized users, we have incorporated two- step verification when you sign in online. This is an extra layer of security to confirm your identity if your password is ever compromised. Once you set up two – step verification, you will be asked to enter a one-time security code provided to you over the phone or via text message. This is how we make sure it really is you accessing your TD Direct Investing account.

  • TD VoicePrint

You have the option to Enrol in TD VoicePrint, our telephone voice authentication system that recognizes your voice to confirm your identity and use it as your secure password. Skip the authentication questions once you enroll and get instant access securely and conveniently. Learn more about TD VoicePrint.

  • WebBroker trading password

As a WebBroker user, you have the option to create a WebBroker trading password. The trading password provides an added level of protection to prevent unauthorized trades from taking place if your login ID and password are compromised. 

To create a trading password call us at 1-800-667-6299. To change your trading password in WebBroker, select your name on the top right hand, select Customize Site, then select the Trading Password tab.

  • Online and Mobile Security Guarantee

If you experience an account loss from a transaction through a TD online or mobile service that you did not authorize, our TD security guarantee will give a 100% reimbursement for those account losses, provided you met your security responsibilities.

  • Communicating safely and securely online

In keeping with the TD Bank Group online communication policy, we will never send unsolicited emails, text or call you to ask for usernames, passwords, Personal Identification Number (PIN), Social Insurance Number (SIN) security questions and answers, or other personal information. 

  • Managing and protecting your personal information

We have established practices in our TD Privacy Code about how we collect, use, release and protect your information. 

Some steps you can take 

  • Call securely from the TD mobile app

 If you are logged into the secure TD app and need to call us, simply tap the Call button and talk with an advisor. Our seamless multi-channel experience authenticates you when you sign in, so you don't need to spend time being re- authenticated when you call us through the secure TD app.

  • Choose unique passwords

Choose passwords that are difficult to guess. We also recommend that you change passwords every 3 months. Never disclose your passwords/PINs to anyone especially online, not even to the police, your financial institution, insurance company or your Internet service provider.

  • Verify messages and links before taking action

Don’t log in using a link received over email, text or social media or call a number without first verifying it is legitimate. Verify the information from a source other than in the message.

If you receive an email claiming to be from TD Direct Investing asking for personal and/or banking information, do not respond or click any links in the email. Forward the email to phishing@td.com then delete the email. If you have clicked on the link in the email, provided the information requested, or think your account has been compromised, call 1-866-222-3456 immediately.

  • Remember to log off

Make sure you log off to end your online direct investing session and close your browser once you are done, to ensure others don't view your information.

You can choose how long your WebBroker session can remain idle before you are automatically logged out. Find out how to set the timeout duration for your WebBroker session.

Learn more about how you can protect yourself and how we help protect you at our TD Privacy and Security site. Get more information about protecting yourself from fraud at the Government of Canada Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. 

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