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What's new in the TD app for TD Direct Investing?

July 2020

Our latest update gives you options to invest quickly and easily through the TD app.

You can now add a new or additional self-directed TFSA, RSP, Cash or Margin account using the new Ways to Invest link.

Log into the TD app, and on the My Accounts page, tap on Ways to Invest, under Investing. Then, select the option that best fits your needs.


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June 2020

You can now access the TD Direct Investing Learning Centre in the TD app for mobile investors. Features include:

  • Access to video courses and lessons
  • Filtering capability
  • Casting capability

Video courses and lessons

Choose your preferred courses from investing basics to advanced techniques, then select and watch short video lessons of your choice. 

Watch videos while placing trades or performing other transactions in the TD app.

Filtering capability

Filter courses by knowledge level, investing accounts and platforms, and investment types, to align with your learning needs and preferences.

Casting capability

Cast videos from the TD app to other devices such as a home television.

Learn more and download the TD app                      

View the videos available in the Learning Centre in the TD app

February 2020

New features and enhancements to the TD app for mobile investors include: 

  • Securities transfer
  • Securities contribution
  • Enhancements to account holdings view
  • Enhancements to the Analyst Centre

Transfer securities:

Easily transfer securities from one of your TD Direct Investing accounts to another of the same type. For example, from one of your Canadian cash accounts to another cash account.

Contribute securities

Contribute securities from non-registered to registered accounts. For example, move stocks from your Canadian cash account to contribute to an RSP, TFSA or RESP account. 

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Account holdings enhancements

View the quantity of each of your holdings and the percent of that holding within your portfolio.

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Analyst Ratings

In the Analyst Centre, the Ratings feature now displays an Overall Rating that shows how many total analysts have rated a stock.

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October 2019

Our latest enhancement to the TD app for mobile investors is a redesign of the way you access and view quotes. 

Single page view

View all your quotes information on a single page including charts, news and analyst ratings.

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Dynamic charts

Get a real time, dynamic view of charts for multiple time periods, frequencies and chart types. 

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May 2019

Our enhancements to the TD app for this release include Projected Income and historical orders.

Projected Income

Use the Projected Income tool to estimate future income in your account based on your holdings' latest distributions.

To access the Projected Income tool, click on Projected Income quick link for a selected account, or click on Portfolio in the flyout menu and find Projected Income.

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Historical Orders

This feature lists all previous orders that were actioned, filled, cancelled or expired. View your historical orders for each account or aggregated to the portfolio level.

To view your historical orders, click on the Orders quick link in the top navigation menu or in the Account Details of a selected account; or click on Invest in the flyout menu.

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February 2019

Our enhancements to the TD app for mobile investors include portfolio top movers:

Portfolio top movers

You can now view at a glance the five holdings whose daily movements had the greatest impact to your portfolio (based on change in market value).

Investing features and flyout menu

All investing features will have a dedicated landing page grouped under Invest, Portfolio, or Markets & Research on the flyout.

In-app feedback

You will now be able to provide us feedback in the TD app immediately after placing a trade. 

October 2018

Our latest update to the TD app can make it even easier to check your portfolio and the market. With this release, we are launching the following new features: homepage customization, portfolio performance view, consolidated order status, portfolio events and apply for a TD Direct Investing account.


Pick and choose which investing and banking features appear on your home screen to help ensure you always have quick access to your favourite features.

GIF of the TD app showing that clients can re-order, add or remove any banking or investing features from the home screen.

Performance view

Monitor how your individual investing accounts are performing with graphs and benchmark comparisons.

GIF of the TD app Performance page showing a client's ability to select time-weighted or personal rates of return.

Consolidated orders status

In Order Status, view orders from all your accounts at once and filter them by symbol.

GIF of the TD app showing a single page of all active orders outstanding with ability to filter at the account or security level.

Potfolio events

The new Events screen shows recent and upcoming dividends, earnings and ratings changes for securities you hold.

GIF of the TD app Events page showing dividends, ratings and earnings for securities held in a client's account.

Apply for a TD Direct Investing account

Now you can conveniently apply for a new TD Direct Investing account within the TD app.

Screenshot of the TD app Get An Account page with TD Direct Investing highlighted.

Download the TD app to monitor your TD Direct Investing portfolio, trade on your account or apply for a new account.

Watch a video tour of the TD Direct Investing tools available in the TD app:

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