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What's new in WebBroker?

November 2019

New: Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the classification of investments inside an account.

You can now view how your investment assets are categorized in six asset classes namely Cash and cash equivalents, Canadian Fixed Income, Global Fixed Income, Canadian Equities, US Equities, and International Equities in WebBroker.

  1. Go to the Accounts tab in the top navigation
  2. In the drop-down menu under Account Details select Asset Allocation

Investments which are not the six asset classes mentioned above, will be displayed under Other. Some clients may also see Not Classified.

Learn more about Asset Allocation in WebBroker

The example below shows how Asset Allocation appears in WebBroker:

For illustrative purpose only

September 2019

New: Real-time Trade Notifications

You can now receive a real-time Trade Notification in WebBroker whenever an order is filled, partially filled or rejected across any of your accounts.

The example below shows how real-time Trade Notifications appear in WebBroker:


Real-time Trade Notifications are enabled by default, but you have the option to disable them:
1. Navigate to Preferences
2. Click on Trade Notifications tab
3. Select Show or Don't Show Trade Notifications button
In Preferences, you can also:
- Select the type of trading events for which to receive notifications (i.e. orders that are filled, partially filled, rejected, or all three)
- Update the display location of your notifications on the screen
- Update the length of time your notifications are displayed on the screen
Note: Real-time Trade Notifications will cover all U.S. and Canadian equity and option orders.

June 2019

Introducing the Learning Centre

Easily access educational resources through the new Learning Centre in WebBroker.

Learn more about investing and trading – no matter your level of experience – through our expanding library of online content:

  • Videos: Our easy-to-follow video lessons will help build your understanding of investing and TD Direct Investing platforms. View this content in the Learning Centre.
  • Master Classes: These interactive, one-hour online workshops are led by investing education specialists who will take your questions live. View our schedule of upcoming Master Classes and register for topics of interest.
  • Webinars: Our webinars will help you become a more informed investor – at your own pace. Join in with new topics monthly, or explore past sessions for all knowledge levels on our website.

To access the Learning Centre, log into WebBroker and click the Learn tab in the top navigation menu.

April 2019

Introducing TD Direct Investing GoalAssist™.

Set goals, track your progress and adapt your plan as you go. Available to clients within WebBroker.

Set your goal: Tell us about your goal and your timeline to achieve it.

Review your plan: See how various planning scenarios could impact your ability to reach your goal.

Monitor your plan: Watch your plan come to life and monitor your progress toward your goals.

Multiple goals: Set more than one goal with different time horizons and investor profiles.

Account types: The following investment accounts are eligible for GoalAssist: cash (non-registered), margin, TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, LRSP, RESP, RDSP and QSSP.

Watch our video for an overview of GoalAssist:

MoneyTalk Minute: Having confidence in your financial future starts with a clear set of goals
Market volatility can cause some investors to stay out of the markets. But having a better understanding of your goals and the progress you are making towards them can help you gain confidence, even during periods of volatility.
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January 2019

Our latest update to WebBroker allows you to view more information about your Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) account including your scheduled recurring minimum RRIF withdrawals and also enables you to request one-time withdrawals.

Watch our video for a tour of WebBroker's RRIF Withdrawal Panel:

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The tool can be found in the Accounts tab dropdown menu.

  1. Scheduled withdrawal details: This shows your upcoming RRIF withdrawal information such as the next withdrawal date, elected amount, frequency of payments, the destination of your payment and the percentage allocation in Canadian and US Dollars.
  2. Year-to-date amounts: This shows the amount you have withdrawn and the withholding tax paid for the year. It is displayed in Canadian and US Dollars.
  3. Annual mandatory withdrawal amount: The number displayed here is the amount that must be withdrawn from your account in the current year. The remaining amount and the yearly maximum amount (if you have a locked in RRIF) will also be displayed to help you stay on track. This is determined by Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules and calculated using your age (or your spouse's age) as well as the total market value of your portfolio as of Dec. 31 the previous year.

Are you looking to make an unscheduled withdrawal from your RRIF account?

Click on the Make Withdrawal button on the RRIF Withdrawal screen and follow the steps. Your withdrawal will be processed within three business days.

To find the RRIF Withdrawal screen in WebBroker:

  1. Click on Accounts
  2. Choose Holdings
  3. Select your RRIF account
  4. Click on the RRIF Withdrawal tab

Note: As per the CRA, multiple RRIF withdrawal requests within a 90-day period are grouped together for the purpose of calculating the appropriate withholding tax rate. If this applies to your withdrawal, the withholding tax shown may not be accurate, however the appropriate level of this tax will be applied automatically.

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