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What are the TD Direct Investing Maintenance Fees and when will I be charged?

The maintenance fee replaces both the custody fee (non-registered accounts) and annual administration fees (registered plan accounts). The maintenance fee is charged to TD Direct Investing accounts on a quarterly basis, in April, July, October and January. Clients who hold several accounts under a single WebBroker profile or have elected to link their accounts with others living at the same address will be considered a household. Where a household contains non-registered and registered accounts, the non-registered account will be charged the quarterly maintenance fee (Canadian dollar accounts only). If a client owns a single account, the quarterly maintenance fee will be charged to that account as it represents the first account for the client household.

To qualify for waived maintenance fees with the, any one of the following must be met:

  • The combined value of assets of your or your household`s TD Direct accounts exceeds $15,000.
  • You register your account or one or more of the accounts in your household in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), a pre-authorized deposit, or a pre-authorized contribution of at least $100 a month.
  • You complete three or more trades which incur a commission in the preceding quarter within your account or a household account.
  • You hold a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) account or one is held within your Household.
  • You are in the introductory six months of an account which does not belong to a household or the first six months of the first account opened within your household.

Learn more about enrolling in the Household Program.

Get complete information about TD Direct Investing's rates and fees by accessing our Commission Schedule and Statement of Disclosure of Rates and Fees.

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