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I do not reside in Canada. Can I open an account at TD Direct Investing?

If you do not reside in Canada, you cannot open a new TD Direct Investing personal account, in accordance with the TD Direct Investing Foreign Resident policy.

Residents of Canada include individuals who spend a minimum of 183 days in Canada per calendar year (not per 12-month cycle) and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada with government issued documentation of their permanent resident status.  

A person who resides in Canada temporarily, such as a student or a foreign worker, is not a permanent resident, and therefore not permitted to open a TD Direct Investing account. Anyone who primarily resides outside of Canada (183 days or more per calendar year), regardless if they have property or interests in Canada, is treated as a foreign resident.

If you are a U.S. resident1 you might be interested in opening a TD Ameritrade account. You can contact TD Ameritrade at 1-800-454-9272.

1 TD Direct Investing defines a "U.S. Resident" as any individual living within the borders of the United States for a period of 183 days or greater. This 183 day determination is measured in either consecutive days or in aggregate within a 365 day period beginning when the account holder initially moved to the U.S.

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