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What's new in Advanced Dashboard?

June 2020

Our latest Advanced Dashboard enhancements include automatic updates to all active orders in Order Status in real time. 

Order Status

  • See orders in Open status change from Open to Filled in real time, as soon as the order is filled or partially filled.  
  • Real-time and automatic updates to Average Filled Price and Remaining Quantity for all partially filled and filled orders.


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October 2019

Our latest updates to Advanced Dashboard are to Historical Orders, Market Depth display, Buy and Sell buttons and other general enhancements.

Historical Orders

Lists orders that are no longer active because they are filled, cancelled or expired.

  1. Access Historical Orders for up to 60 days within Account Details.
  2. View Historical Orders across one or all accounts.
  3. Search a specific order easily by typing a symbol of interest.
  4. Look up orders for up to 60 days in the past.
  5. Filter by four order statuses.
  6. View expired, cancelled, filled, or rejected statuses.
  7. Revive a historical order by copying it or reversing it.

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Market Depth

  1. See level two data; which is the level and breadth of orders in the Order Book at a given time.
  2. Customized look and feel within Market Depth.

Buy and Sell buttons

  1. New look and feel to Buy and Sell buttons.
  2. Add or remove buttons from Charts.

General enhancements


  • Colour coding for positions in Holdings.
  • Prompts to set a title when creating a new workspace


  • Market by Price set as default view in Market Depth.
  • Group by Sector set to No in Holdings.
  • New background colour scheme for expired option symbols in Holdings.
  • Size of Buy/Sell/Alert buttons in Charts.
  • Default selection of market data components to improve findability.


  • Stop Limit order action drop-down for Canadian options.
  • Calendar/diagonal selections from Rollover.

February 2019

Our latest update to Advanced Dashboard includes new features for the Order Status, Holdings and Order entry ticket pages.

With this release, non-pro Advanced Dashboard users have free access to Level II market depth for all listed securities on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Order Status

  1. Cancelled tab shows all cancelled orders.
  2. Resurfaced Bid and Ask data fields provide real-time market data streaming.
  3. Accounts field provides a quick reference to the account in which specific orders reside.
  4. Real-time streaming Mid and Nat price points for all multi-leg option (MLO) strategies.
  5. Average Fill Price field provides a reference to the numeric value of their fill prices.
  6. Remaining Quantity field shows the number of shares/contracts for any given equity and option order that has not yet been executed.

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  1. Total Account Value shows the selected account's available cash and total market value of all its positions.
  2. New Daily P/L ($ and %) field allows you to see how the total daily profit/loss translates to the profit/loss of each individual position in a selected account.
  3. New Loan Value field allows you to view the amount that any given security adds to or reduces (for short positions) to the overall margin of any selected account.

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Order entry ticket

  1. Real-time streaming Mid and Nat price points are now available for all multi-leg option strategies (MLO).
  2. New colour coding introduced for up/down tick price movement.

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June 2018

Our latest update to Advanced Dashboard introduces a new multi-asset, multi-functional Order entry ticket that enables you to:

  1. Switch between stock, option and multi-leg option strategies and conditional orders.
  2. See the existing number of positions or open orders for any symbol you enter.
  3. View real-time streaming quotes and set your price to follow the Bid or Ask price in real time.
  4. Attach an exit strategy (profit taker or stop loss) to help save time and automate your exit strategy.
  5. Quickly access and customize your trading preferences.

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The new Holdings component displays real-time streaming updates and makes it easy to view the performance of your portfolio at a glace.

New features include:

  1. View your account's daily overall Profit/Loss stream in real time.
  2. Search your account holdings by symbol.
  3. Group your equity and option positions by the underlying symbol.
  4. The option to group your holdings by sector – yes or no.
  5. Make custom selections in Holdings to calculate the profit/loss for a specific group of securities.
  6. Right-click on a symbol to open a selection of trading choices.
  7. Customize what data you want displayed, add or remove data columns, and create new templates by selecting Manage Templates from the gear menu.
  8. Switch between your Holdings and Order Status.

View your account's Profit/Loss in CAD or USD.

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Order Status

New updates to the Order Status component make it easier to view, edit, copy or reverse your orders. These include:

  1. Use In-line Editing to rapidly change or cancel orders directly in your Order Status list.
  2. View all your orders across all accounts.
  3. Customize what data you want displayed, add or remove data columns, and create new templates by selecting Manage Templates from the gear menu.
  4. Copy or reverse orders in just one click.
  5. Easily filter orders based on their status in just one click.
  6. Search your orders by symbol.
  7. Cancel open orders in just one click.

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