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What are some of the most popular features and enhancements offered to TD Direct Investing clients?

At TD Direct Investing we are continously building new features and making improvements to enhance your direct investing experience. In case you missed them, get a quick refresher on some of our tools and top offerings in 

  • TD GoalAssist TM 
  • Analyst Centre
  • Asset Allocation
  • Learning Centre
  • Goal Planning
  • Projected Income
  • Historical orders, Market Depth display, Buy and Sell buttons and other enhancements in Advanced Dashboard
  • TD Direct Investing newsletter in WebBroker

TD GoalAssist TM 

TD GoalAssist  is our new service, available in a mobile app that helps you reach your goals. You can create a plan that fits your goals, start investing towards them, and easily track your progress.

There is no minimum amount required to get started.  Invest as much or as little as you want, in individual stocks or TD ETFs. You don't pay any commission to buy TD ETFs. 

You can open a Tax-Free Savings (TFSA) account, Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) or a Cash account to start saving for any goal. Find out about the products eligible for investments and learn more about TD GoalAssist.

Analyst Centre

Our new Analyst Centre in WebBroker and Analyst Ratings feature in the TD app shows how analysts rate your securities, how many analysts have rated a stock, and ranks the analysts based on their performance.

Analyst Centre

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Watch our webinar about the Analyst Centre

Asset Allocation

Want to know if your portfolio is diversified enough and aligns with your investment goals? The Asset Allocation feature in WebBroker shows how your investment assets are categorized in six asset classes; namely Cash and cash equivalents, Canadian Fixed Income, Global Fixed Income, Canadian Equities, US Equities, and International Equities. Register for a webinar to learn more about Asset Allocation in WebBroker

Learning Centre

Ongoing enhancements to our Learning Centre aim to make your learning experience in WebBroker and the TD app, more intuitive and seamless.  You can now:

  • Browse, filter and tag content by topic or skill level.
  • Sort videos and courses by posted date or most recently watched
  • View transcripts for courses and videos
  • Cast videos from the TD app to other devices such as  home television
  • Track progress  of a video with the progress bar at the bottom of the video thumbnail
  • Autoplay the next video lesson in a course
  • Like a video and view most liked videos


Learning Centre
Goal Planning

The goal planning feature in WebBroker helps you create a personalized investment plan to target your goals. From the Goals tab in WebBroker, you can create a plan in four simple steps, and view a projection of how your plan could be filled over time. 
To learn more, watch our video on Planning your Investment Goals

Projected Income

The Projected Income tool in WebBroker and the TD app gives you a view of the estimated dividend or interest income in your TD Direct Investing account based on your holdings' latest distributions. 

You can select an individual or group of accounts in CAD or USD to see your projected income, and set your monthly target to compare it to your monthly average projected Income

Need more information? Watch our Projected Income video.

Advanced Dashboard

Updates and enhancements in Advanced Dashboard are to Historical Orders, Market Depth display, Buy and Sell buttons and other general enhancements.

Historical Orders

  • View orders that are no longer active because they are filled, cancelled or expired.
  • Access Historical Orders for up to 60 days within Account Details.
  • Search a specific order easily by typing a symbol of interest.
  • Filter by four order statuses.
  • View expired, cancelled, filled, or rejected statuses.
  • Revive a historical order by copying it or reversing it.

Market Depth

  • See level two data; which is the level and breadth of orders in the Order Book at a given time.

Buy and Sell buttons

  • Add or remove buttons from Charts.

Get more details about all the new features, updates and enhancements in WebBroker, Advanced Dashboard and the TD app.

TD Direct Investing newsletter in WebBroker

Conveniently access our monthly Direct Investing newsletter when you log in to WebBroker, and stay on top of the our latest offerings, news and insights.

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