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What is a Cash Advance from a TD Credit Card and are there fees?

Cash Advance from your TD Credit Card Account:

A Cash Advance is a Transaction where you withdraw cash from the Account including through:

  • any device such as an automated teller machine (ATM), phone, online or mobile device
  • our branches and at other financial institutions
  • a Balance Transfer
  • a TD Visa Cheque, or
  • a Cash-Like Transaction

Cash Advances from your TD Credit Card Account will be charged interest from the date the Cash Advance is posted to your Account. In addition, a Cash Advance fee may apply. Please see your Disclosure Statement mailed to you with your Welcome Package for more details.

Transferring funds from your TD Credit Card to your TD Savings or Chequing Account:

Funds transfers from your TD Credit Card Account to your TD deposit account are considered cash advances.

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