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What if I receive an email or text notification that appears to be from INTERAC e-Transfer that I am not expecting or from someone I do not know?

If you were not expecting a transfer or money request from the sender, before opening the email or SMS/text message, contact the sender through a different communication channel and verify if they sent this to you.

If the sender confirms they did not send this to you or if the notification comes from someone you do not know, do not respond or click any links.

Forward the email to phishing@Interac.ca. Then delete the email and SMS/text message notification.

Always be careful prior to clicking on any links within a notification.

Notifications from Interac include a URL link that will take you to the Interac gateway page where you can select your financial institution to deposit the funds (if receiving money) or withdraw the funds from (if accepting a request for money).

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